Maine Coon Cattery Caramel

We are Russian breeders of Maine Coons, one of the most remarcable cat breeds, our cattery WCF and TICA registered and located in Moscow, Russia. We breed to meet the Maine Coon standard, with emphasis on a large, well-boned, healthy cat with a long tail, large square muzzle and big well-placed ears. Also we think that branded wild look and lynx tips are necessary for Maine coons, they beautify these cats and make them unique. Besides Maine Coon is not only appearance but also temper therefore it's very important that our cats were lively and balanced-tempered, non-aggressive and friendly, intelligent and tender. This is the temper that supplement the image of these amazing cats.

In our nursery, we try to grow a beautiful, powerful, Maine Coon  with excellent type and temperament. Our cats are very sociable, well get on with children and other animals. We like the extreme type: with a long box of clear-cut, big ears with tufts, long strong body, strong legs and a long bushy tail. This is the type that we would like to bring in our nursery Maine Coon Caramel, and we will do everything in our power to Coon’s dream became a reality.

Most of the kittens from the nursery is sold as a pet class, the kitten may be sold for breeding only from reputable breeders that we know whose principles of operation with the breed, as well as conditions of detention and care of cats and cats are the same with ours.


Our Maine Coons on TV and in the movies